Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Not just ANOTHER Hillsong clip !

I came across another Hillsong clip, and I have to say that I forgot how much I LOVE this song.
The first time I heard it on a Hillsong DVD, I just welled up; it is such an emotional song (dya remember that Dan? lol) !!!
But it really is a great proclaimation of the love we can have for God if we allow ourselves to, literally "with all our hearts".

Monday, 25 June 2007

In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend

This video clip is quite amazing with scenes from the "Passion of the Christ". It really brings alive the truth and power of the words and the impact of what happened for us on that fateful day - the crux of history.

Hillsongs - Believe

The passion of these lyrics just gripped me. I first heard this video when we were stuck in a cessationist church which sang hymns devoid of passion. I remember listening to it again and again because it perfectly echoed the scream of my own heart - "Where's the power?!". But what moved me even more was the young people crowded around the platform worshipping God with all their hearts. Oh that more may be passionate worshippers like them!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Hillsongs - Worthy is the Lamb

This song is absolutely incredible - the theological lyrics mixed with the anointing of the Spirit!

The Deep Bass Note of Worship

My first pastor used to have a mysterious saying regarding corporate worship. He used to say that there was a "deep bass note" running through the worship of God's people that not everyone can hear. But once the Spirit of God has come down upon the worshipper, you know it is there. You may not understand that comment unless you have experienced it.

I am not a worship leader. I'm not a theologian. I am not really a musician (although I used to play the clarinet). But I am striving to be a worshipper. I've been in really bad corporate settings where I could literally sense the fluttering of the wings of the Spirit as He left. But I've also been in really good corporate settings where the air grows heavy with the anointing cloud of the Holy Spirit and I can feel Him settle down and feel His pleasure.

The aim of this blog is simple. I'm not going to write much - I am simply going to use it to host resources, video clips, songs and anything else I can lay my hands on that raise the bar of our expectations of worship so that the people of God start to come into the Church expecting to see the cloud of glory hovering above them again.